MP Generic Genetics wizard. 

 Download the program here

What is the purpose of this Generic genetic wizard? It enables the user to manage his own set of genes and combinations. The program works with a INI file. The files contains all the information the user has entered. So this enables the user to make his own ini file for any type of snake he wants. It is set up for cornsnakes now. But in a few seconds you could enter a gene set for for example reticulated pythons.

Notice how you can enter multiple genes on a locus. And per gene you can weight it against any other gene on that locus. So Amel is co-dominant to Ultra but recessive to normal.

The calculation tab enables you to do you calculations for predicted offspring with the gene set you have just entered.

You can magane your own combinations.

And for newbies I have added a picture for the most current morphs. You can update the picture with your own 100 by 100 pixel pictures.

December 5th 2005 Latest update: Add you ini files via User interface.

And at last the Fun tab. Here you can play my interpretation of Jaw Breaker.

Ballpython support:

Download the program here