Deep Ross version 8.0


The Deep Fritz vs Vladimire Kramnick tournament is what got me started on a computer chessprogram again. The Tournament was a Draw : 4 - 4 in eight games.

Deep Fritz is developped by a small team of German programmers. Deep Fritz can calculate 6 million moves per second. That is a lot less compared to Deep Blue from IBM. Deep Blue calculates 1 Billion moves per second. Deep Blue relies on sheer math power where Deep Fritzs strength is on the strategic levels. It is also interresting to know Deep Fritz runs on a normal laptop where Deep Blue runs on 8 Mainframes from IBM. Deep Fritz has a SSDF rating (The SSDF Rating List)of 2730 which is close to Vladimirs. Read more about the Match Kramnik vs Fritz at


Dec 15th 2002

Version 8.0 is a playable version now. At level 5 the program is processing about 1.000.000 boards per second at my 500 Mhz Pentium III. My Goal is finished. That speed is the same as Deep Fritz in the commercial version. Of course Deep Fritz is playing much stronger because it is strategic on a higher level. I acchieved this speed by using Bit boards. Representing a chessboard with a Int64 value. Someday I will make a good page on how to do that here.

This version is playing with the famous null-move, Alpha-Beta seatch, quiesent search and principal variation search.

Download the Beta version of Deep Ross 8.0 here

Download the sourcecode (Delphi 5) Beta version of Deep Ross 8.0 here

Nov 9th 2002

Version 2.0 is Finished!!! So Far I have not been able to beat the computer. But with my chess skills that does not have to mean anything. At level 5 the program is processing about 500.000 boards per second at my 500 Mhz Pentium III.


  1. Customizable colors

  2. Load game from file, Save game to file

  3. Beep on move

  4. Animated moves

  5. Computer versus Computer

  6. Adjustable search level (level 0 - 3 is easy, 4 is Hard, 5 - 7 impossible to beat ;-)

  7. Current settings and current game will be saved when program is closed and restored when executed again.

  8. Play with board upside down. (See pic)


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